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Jeremy Mayfield – On the dirt road to a comeback?

Jeremy Mayfield – On the dirt road to a comeback?

Michelle Hoskin

December, 2014


The sport of NASCAR has seen its share of ups and downs, high and lows, good and bad, and so has its drivers. One such driver is former NASCAR, now dirt car racer, Jeremy Mayfield. Jeremy, now 45 years old, was indefinitely suspended as both owner and driver in 2009 for an alleged substance abuse dispute. During his Sprint Cup career, Jeremy raced for teams such as Sadler Brothers, Cale Yarborough, Penske, Evernham, Bill Davis, Haas, and lastly under his own direction, with Mayfield Motorsports.

Can and will he make a comeback?

Michelle: What’s your status with returning to NASCAR?

Jeremy: “Right now focused on going racing full-time in the Lucas Oil Dirt Series. I’m not ruling anything out though.”


Jeremy Mayfield

Michelle: Is there anything you would like to say in regards to any court
rulings that your fans may have missed the past 4-5 years?

Jeremy: “I think the best thing the fans can do is go to and watch part 1 and 2 of our story and also the interview I did with Bob Pockrass (sporting news.) I think those videos will enlighten fans and give a pretty good synopsis of the entire situation. Most important thing to remember though, I never got my day in court. I lost my case due to a waiver I signed, not because of “an alleged failed drug test.” I never got to contest those findings.” I have included the YouTube link below of the Bob Pockrass interview as well as the link to Jeremy’s video story.

Michelle: Any new news regarding J2Mayfield?

Jeremy: “Hopefully we will be able to announce our plans soon!“

Michelle: 2015 Racing plans?

Jeremy: “Hoping to race Dirt cars full time in 2015.”

Michelle: 2014 racing recap?

Jeremy: “2014 overall was a good building block for the future. Raced a few different type cars and series and just had a little fun.”

Michelle: I miss the old NASCAR and the racing style of Dale Earnhardt Sr. myself. Your #takeitback is hitting close to home. “Rubbing was racing” is what I remember about watching NASCAR growing up. Your plan and thoughts?

Jeremy: “If Dale Earnhardt were here, racing wouldn’t be in the situation it’s in. The decisions that were made wouldn’t have been. Take it back is all about grass roots racing, like racing used to be. Loving what you do and having fun doing it! Grassroots and racing in its purest form. No politics, no games…Just being yourself and hanging with my fans and touring the country to see them all.”


Jeremy Mayfield – J2Mayfield Hauler

Michelle: Who are your sponsors at this time?

Jeremy: “Still trying to finalize sponsorships…”

Michelle: Who was your role model when you were starting out?

Jeremy: “My racing role models were Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt and Tim Richmond”

Michelle: A little about “The Mayfield Story”…

Jeremy: “There’s so much to say about the Mayfield story! Like I said earlier, best thing to do is to check out the videos on J2 Mayfield.” YouTube video links below…

Michelle: If you could turn back the hands of time, where would you go?
Jeremy: “If I could turn back the hands of time I would have never left Penske…I really wish I could have made that deal work, best thing I had going.”

Michelle: Which of the new young drivers do you see Champions in the future?

Jeremy: “Chase Elliot and Kyle Larson.”


Jeremy Mayfield

Michelle: Family/kids?

Jeremy: “Hopefully in the near future we will expand our family. We were venturing down that road in 2009, but had to put it on hold. Practicing now!“

Michelle: What car are you driving now?

Jeremy: “Dirt car and J2 Modified…My every day car is a truck.”

Michelle: Favorite short track?

Jeremy: “Favorite short track is Richmond.”

Michelle: Favorite Cup track?

Jeremy: “Favorite cup track is Darlington.”

Michelle: Your thoughts on the fines NASCAR doled out to the crews due to
the whole Keselowski/Gordon incident?

Jeremy: “Decisions and Fines in NASCAR these days are so inconsistent, all over the board… Don’t understand their reasoning behind most of the decisions they make.”

Michelle: How was PRI?

Jeremy: “PRI was great! I met ALOT of new people and contacts in the racing industry. I also reconnected with some people in racing I haven’t seen in awhile. Reception was great! Also got to hang with dirt car legend CJ Rayburn and see how his operation works. Looking forward to maybe doing some stuff with Rayburn Race cars in the future.”

Jeremy Mayfield Interview with Bob Pockrass

Jeremy Mayfield’s “The Mayfield Story, Part I

Jeremy Mayfield’s “The Mayfield Story, Part II

External Links

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @J2Mayfield

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Jeremy Mayfield’s “The Mayfield Story, I and II” Links:

Part I:

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David Allen
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  1. I was fortunate to work at Evernhams with Jeremy. He was the most personable drivers I ever worked for. Every time he was at the shop he would walk around and thank everyone for their hard work and support. If we had a new guy in the shop Jeremy would introduce himself. Super nice guy and I’m glad to see him back behind the wheel.


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