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JAMES DENNIS – The RIR NASCAR Fence Climber Comes Clean…

JAMES DENNIS – The RIR NASCAR Fence Climber Comes Clean…

Michelle Hoskin, December 11th, 2014


Richmond TV station WWBT reported Dennis was sentenced to one year in jail with all but one month suspended, meaning he’ll only serve one month. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct and being drunk in public, according to the report. I was lucky enough to be granted an interview by the man himself…

Letter 1 (1)

James holding the letter her received from RIR…

James Dennis, 53, of Hopewell Virginia. Native American US Army Veteran 11B Infantry, Father of 2 grown daughters, and an avid Kevin Harvick fan, will be spending his Christmas this year behind bars, paying back approximately $400+ in court fines/costs/etc., and is banned till eternity from his favorite racetrack – RIR. Does he think it’s fair? No…He’s pissed. Does he regret his actions…Yes.

His infamous climb up the RIR fence surrounding the track was done out of basic boredom, an attention seeking thrill, and to get a great picture of his favorite driver, Kevin Harvick. He regrets pulling the stunt, he states “he was not drunk” but took a plea, and he also believes the punishment doled out was harsh/extreme. He claims that the Police involved “lied in the case about me resisting arrest, they lied about me trying to drown myself with a bottle of water, and that they were fearful of the crowd getting outta hand, possibly someone snatching their weapons…” James added, “There is an AMPHITHEATRE,where there’s concerts, and other things that I CANNOT enjoy…”

Letter 2

A younger photo of James & his daughters he asked to be included in this article…

When asked if any drivers etc. reached out to him or commented about his stunt, he replied “Not sure if they care, I like Kevin Harvick`s comment on-line best… He called me uh knucklehead.”

When asked what he thinks of the new Chase format, James replied “It’s screwing the sport,like President Obama is screwing O. U. R. COUNTRY…”, “Your Killing The Sport And Your Fans…”, and “I’m uh Harvick,fan, but without NASCAR, there’s no racing, if NASCAR chooses to shoot themselves in the foot, they are hurting the fans…”

In closing comments, James stated “I love America, I feel like I’m being treated the way I would handle uh freaking terrorist. GOD Bless America…”

I believe that James is correct in believing that the punishment was a bit harsh and that he was possibly the most exciting thing to come out of that race to begin with…


The letter James received from RIR announcing his life-time ban…

David Allen
David Allen
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