Monster Energy Cup

  1. A Comprehensive Silly Season Guide for 2018

    By Matteo Marcheschi As NASCAR progresses through the heat of the summer, its silly season is also heating up. Top rides are open, and plenty of drivers are in position to take advantage. Let’s go through them one by one. To be clear, these are rumors. Very little is confirmed, and I am just working… Continue Reading »
  2. 5 Quotes: Sonoma – “This is worth the wait”

    By Matteo Marcheschi While Sunday’s race at Sonoma seemed rather tame, especially during the third and final stage, it certainly left some drivers (as well as crew chiefs and spotters) with ruffled feathers. Only a single driver seemed satisfied at the end of the day. Here are the five best quotes from Sunday’s Toyota-Save Mart… Continue Reading »

    By: Robin Angle Follow me on @Twitter @rangle22 When you think of NASCAR, what do you think of?  There are so many moving parts to the operation.  It’s a business, a family, a race, an investment.  For everything to work it takes dreams, hard work, dedication, devotion, solid relationships and a strong family.  Bill France… Continue Reading »
  4. The Impacts of Nascar’s New Damage Repair Rule

    By Matteo Marcheschi @ajetdryer on Twitter February 9, 2017 The Impacts of Nascar’s New Damage Repair Rule During Nascar’s press conference announcing the new race format, one comment was lost among all the talk about stages and playoff points: a new rule stating that teams will no longer be allowed to replace body panels, on… Continue Reading »