Gas and Go

  1. NASCAR’s New eSports Ventures

    NASCAR’s teams are working on a sim racing venture, which comes not long after the announcement that NASCAR’s tracks are working on a separate venture to create at-track esports tournaments on race weekends. This new venture, according to the Sport’s Business Journal’s Adam Stern, who broke the story here, has been put together by the… Continue Reading »
  2. Champions

    Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Tony Stewart have six championships between them. Starting this weekend at Chicagoland Speedway, they will be going head to head with thirteen other drivers in pursuit of the 2016 Championship. Stewart-Haas Racing is one of the top teams in the series and has a good chance of two drivers making… Continue Reading »
  3. Are You “Really” A Race Fan?

    Are You “Really” A Race Fan? Well What Kind Are You?   Being out with friends this past weekend there was a little friction caused and remarks made because I wanted to watch the race at Bristol. It was in rain delay but it was Tony Stewart’s last race and Bristol is my home track…. Continue Reading »
  4. Friends

      “Have a good day friend,” the words Tony Stewart hears each race from high above the race track. “You too friend,” Tony replies. The man behind that calming voice is Tony’s long time spotter Bob Jeffrey. Jeffrey is part cheerleader, psychologist, deal maker, but most importantly Tony’s second pair of eyes. Jeffrey can be… Continue Reading »
  5. Stewart-Haas Triple Threat

    Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, and Danica Patrick drove similar Mobile 1 color schemes making it a little difficult to tell them apart during the Pennsylvania 400 on Monday. Add dense fog and rain to the mix and forget about it. Kurt, Kevin, and Tony are a threat to win week in and week out. This… Continue Reading »