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Brad Keselowski – Racing for the Fans…

Brad Keselowski – Racing for the Fans…

Michelle Hoskin, January 27th, 2015

We recently had the chance to chat with Brad Keselowski. Brad, formerly from Rochester Hills Michigan, drives the #2 Ford for Team Penske in the Sprint Cup division, and the #22 Ford in the Nationwide series. Brad comes from a racing family…his Dad Bob, his Uncle Ron, and his Brother Brian, all race in various venues. At the age of 14, “Keselowski made the transition from turning wrenches for his family-owned team, K Automotive Motorsports, to racing”. (1)

In 2014, Brad placed 5th overall, with 36 starts, 6 wins, 5 poles, and 17 top 5’s in the Sprint Cup series. In the Xfinity series, he ran 11 races, 5 of which he won. In the Camping World Truck series, he ran 3 races, 1 of which he won. (2)

Brad had his share of controversy during the 2014 season. From his run-in with Kurt Busch on pit road in Martinsville, to the highly publicized Charlotte garage melee with Matt Kenseth, to the grand finale with Jeff Gordon et all on pit road in Texas, Brad has taken his share of targeted ‘abuse’ – but we all agree, rubbin is racin…or used to be. “We were just racing for the win. I didn’t wreck him, and just raced him hard. He left a hole. Everything you watch in racing, you leave a hole, you’re supposed to go for it,” Keselowski said. “I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day. I wanted to win the race and that was the opportunity.” (3)


Brad Keselowski, Driver Intros, Chicagoland Speedway, September 2014

Our Interview:

Michelle: Any new racing plans for 2015? 

Brad Keselowski: No new racing plans for 2015 as far as on track goes. I am building a new facility for my truck team, BKR. Note: Brad Keselowski Racing acquired a 35,000-square-foot warehouse property in Statesville, NC.

M: Your thoughts on the new Chase points system?

Brad: It really doesn’t matter what I think about the new Chase format. What matters is what the fans think. We are here for them. If the fans are happy with the new format – then I am happy too.

M: If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be?

Brad: That’s an interesting question and a tough one. If I had to pick one, I’d say the night we won the Cup title in 2012. That was fun and it’d be great to live that again. Note: Keselowski started the race up 20 points on Johnson, who blew a tire and crashed last week at Phoenix to give Keselowski a nice cushion and needing only to finish 15th or higher in the finale to wrap up his first championship. (4)

M: Your favorite track to run?

Brad: My favorite track is the one I am racing at and the last one where we won.


Brad K., Victory Lane, Chicagoland Speedway, September 2014

M: Out of the up and coming newer drivers, who do you see having a promising future in racing?

Brad: There are a few, Ryan Blaney is one. Note: Ryan’s stats for 2014 included: 22 starts, 1 win, 1 pole, 12 top 5’s, 17 top 10’s, and 181 laps led. (5)

M: Your favorite vacation destination?

Brad: It probably sounds funny, but I don’t take many vacations. I travel so often that being home is a vacation for me. So my house is my favorite destination.

M: If you could delete a bad moment in your history, what would it be?

Brad: While I’ve made plenty of mistakes and done a few things I’m not proud of in my life – I wouldn’t take any of them back as they helped shape and define the person I’ve become. Many times in life it is how we weather the storm that shows us what we’re capable of as people. I am grateful for the lessons those bad moments have given me. Note: Another infamous ‘Brad quote’, after the Texas melee…”I’d rather have enemies in NASCAR than have friends and be sitting at home.”


Richard Childress and Brad K., Driver’s Meeting, Chicagoland Speedway, September 2014

M: Being Michigan born and raised myself, I am proud to say you’re from my home state. Do you get a chance to visit?

Brad: I get back to Michigan a few times a year and I do have family there.

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Twitter: @Keselowski






5. 1.

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