Let’s face it, the race Saturday night was different that the normal Nascar Sprint Cup show.  The entire weekend had a very unique feel to it, the anticipation of the new pavement, the new track configuration with two very distinct ends of the track, and lets not forget that new aero package we all want to talk about, well most of us anyway.

Early in the night within the first 150 laps, it was obvious things were very new to drivers and teams and things might not have been going exactly as planned.  Numerous cautions plagued the field, taking out top names such as Joey Logano, rookie sensations Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott just to name a few.  If it wasn’t tires causing the issue then it was the aero package.  Drivers seemed to have mixed reviews as the caution flag continued to fly.

While the optimism for the new package certainly isn’t gone by any means, it did take a negative hit Saturday night.  The common theme was when drivers were around other cars they were breaking loose, and somewhat unpredictable at times.  Does the aero package keep it’s momentum the more we run it?  As tracks age and are repaved is this the way every first race on the new pavement will be?  If so, Nascar may have some issues to work out.  Restarts are fun, we all run from the fridge to see them, we all stand up if we’re at the track to see the moment when the green flag waves.  However, if the new aero package continues to lead to unstability in the cars causing drivers to wreck, that’s another issue.  Fans have no desire to see drivers in the garage for repairs.

The balance of a good product for sponsors and profitability versus the one fans want to see is a tough balance for Nascar, it’s a tough balance for any sport.  Brad Keselowski and his Penske team did a tremendous job getting every drop out of the tank in his Ford.

Is this what fans want to see?  What are your thoughts?  Chime in below, we watch comments and give away merchandise to random fans!

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