Kate Dallenbach – Just another Racer…

Michelle Hoskin, February 5th, 2014


Make sure to check out the family video here: http://www.nrawomen.tv/home/video/new-energy-kate-and-robin-dallenbach

Kate Dallenbach has been racing more than half of her life. This may not seem as much of a feat, but Kate is only 17 years old. She is a third generation race-car driver. Her Grandfather, Indy driver and respected Chief Steward, Wally Dallenbach started the tradition back in 1965; the tradition continued with Kate’s Father, Wally Dallenbach Jr. who started out in the Trans-Am series, taking rookie of the year in 1984. In 1991 he moved on to the Winston Cup/Sprint series, as well as the Nationwide and Truck series.

Kates racing roots doesn’t end on her Dads side…her Mother, Robin, is also a racer. Robin became the “youngest female to ever qualify, and race, in a NASAR Cup Race at the age of 18.” (1) Kate also has two brothers, Jake and Wyatt. Jake works for Daytona prototype Spirit of Daytona racing and has a racing history himself, including SCCA, USAC, NASCAR late models, Open wheel racing, and Dirt track racing. Wyatt, pursuing a career in broadcasting, also has racing experience including being a Precision driver and Stunt Driver, and has also worked for NASCAR Race Hub.

Our Interview:

Michelle: Congrats on the addition to the RCR Development Program! What will this position focus on?

Kate Dallenbach:  I’m very honored and excited to be a part of the RCR development program which is developing me as a driver on both the dirt and on asphalt. It’s a great opportunity for me to gain more experience and seat time which will prepare me for the next step to the truck series.

Note:  Kate, 17, along with Ahnna Parkhurst, 14, are two young female drivers that are both part of the Richard Childress Racing Development program for the 2015 season.


Kate and Ahnna Parkhurst with Richard Childress

M: At what age did you know you wanted to get into racing?

Kate:  I made my start in racing when I was 8 years old with quarter midgets. I not only had fun, but success as well, and ever since then I knew that it was something that I wanted to pursue.

M: Your favorite driver?

Kate:  My favorite drivers are my mom and my dad. They not only support me but they also coach me and give me great advice from a drivers perspective.

M: Your favorite off-track activity?

Kate: When I’m not racing I really enjoy spending times outdoors. Besides racing, I also have a passion for hunting, fishing, and trap shooting.


Kate’s #5 Car

M: If you could race against any driver, past or present, who would it be and which track?

Kate: If I could race against any drivers, I would love to race against my mom, dad, and grandfather. It would be the first time in history to have three generations of drivers compete against each other.

M: Your favorite…Dirt or Asphalt? Why?

Kate:  When it comes to Racing on dirt and asphalt, it’s difficult to pick a favorite because they’re both very different but at the same time, they compliment each other. One thing I really like about racing on dirt is that it teaches me a lot of car control that I can apply when I’m racing on asphalt.

M: Best racing memory?

Kate: My best racing memory was winning rookie of the year and the championship for Allison Legacys in Kyle, Texas, in the same year.


Kate’s #25 Car

M: Where do you want to be in 5-10 years?

Kate: In 5-10 years my goal is to me racing for the Cup series for RCR and Bass Pro Shops.

Note: Kate also currently has sponsorship from SHE Outdoor Ladies Hunting Clothing from Bass Pro Shops.

M: Being so young and in such a great position in racing, how does having a ‘celebrity’ status feel? Are you impressed with your fan base?

Kate: I really appreciate racing fans and their support, but at the same time my focus is really on my driving and improving myself as much as possible.


Kate in her RCR Firesuit…

M: Are you planning on attending college after high school?

Kate: I applied to and got accepted to several colleges, but I have made the decision to postpone college and race full time when I graduate high-school so I that I can put all of my effort and focus into it.

M: How does it feel to be female in a male dominated field?

Kate:  It doesn’t make a difference to me being a female in a male dominated sport because as soon as I put my helmet on and get in the car, I’m just another driver and car number like everybody else.

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