Jimmie Johnson – A Man in Action…

Jimmie Johnson – A Man in Action…

Michelle Hoskin, January 26th, 2015



Jimmie Johnson, Driver Intro’s – Chicagoland Speedway, September 2014.

Today we had the opportunity to chat with NASCAR’S six time champion, Jimmie Johnson, who drives the #48 car for Lowe’s Racing. Jimmie has been racing since the age of 4, spent his teen years racing in various racing venues, won his first NASCAR Championship in 2006, as well as Driver of the Year that same year.

Fitness is huge in Jimmie’s life and he is often seen running/jogging race weekends inside and outside the track grounds. He was the first racing driver to be named Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year in 2009 (1) and is the only driver in NASCAR’s history to earn five consecutive Sprint Cup titles.

Jimmie, along with his wife Chandra, launched the Jimmie Johnson Foundation in 2006. To date, more than $6.7 million has been contributed to various organizations. The Jimmie Johnson Foundation “focuses on funding K-12 public education, primarily through the Jimmie Johnson Foundation/Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Champions Grants program. Champions Grants have been awarded to 84 schools located in California, Oklahoma and North Carolina, where the Johnsons grew up and currently reside.” (2)

Our Interview:

Michelle: Any new plans for 2015?

Jimmie Johnson: Just to continue the Jimmie Johnson Wellness Challenge from a fitness standpoint and try to improve on my personal records from a fitness standpoint.

NOTE: In 2014, the Foundation partnered with Cool Breeze Cyclery to facilitate a series of four events encouraging individuals and corporations to prioritize health, wellness and teambuilding. In addition, the Foundation encouraged fans to show their support of being physically active by joining TeamJJF and sharing their experiences via social media. “I feel really strongly about the importance of staying physically fit and healthy,” said Johnson, co-founder of the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. “Prioritizing my health, wellness and setting athletic goals for myself has helped me both personally and professionally.  Chandra and I wanted to encourage people to be active so we created the Wellness Challenge, which will also serve to raise much needed funds for K-12 public education.” (3).

jimmie jogging

Jimmie wearing his #TeamJJF shirt during the Daytona Half Marathon (Daytona, 2013)

M: Your thoughts on the new Chase points system?

JJ: It works for the fans and it works to give us more than one chance to get into the final four. I don’t have any issues with the system.

M: If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be?

JJ: There are so many. I guess I would go back to my first win and relive that again.

M: Your favorite track to run?

JJ: If I had to pick I’d say I like Dover – it suites my style of racing and my background in off road trucks helps me to run well there. It’s a tough little track.

M: Out of the up and coming newer drivers, who do you see having a promising future in racing?

JJ: I’d say Kyle Larson – he was so close last year and I think he will win this season.

M: Your favorite vacation destination?

JJ: We like the islands.

M: Anything you would like to share that is important to you?

JJ: I can relate to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation and tell kids it’s important to stay in school and get outside and stay fit.


Jimmie running with Chase Avenue Elementary Running Club Members (El Cajon, 2013)

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Twitter: @jimmiejohnson & @TeamJJF






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