Cole Custer Interview – December 29th, 2014

Michelle Hoskin


I know we have boasted at that we love to profile our younger, up-and-coming racers to give them a needed boost in the right direction…but our next young driver, Cole Custer, is already on the right track for making a name of his own!

Cole, son of Joe Custer, Executive Vice President for Stewart-Haas Racing, was born in California and has been making a stand-out name for himself since he started racing at 5 years of age. Custer became the youngest winner in a NASCAR national series race at 16, taking the checkered flag at “New Hampshire in his seventh career Truck Series start.” (1)

cole young

Cole Custer, younger years

Cole’s question and answer period with me:

Michelle: At what age did you start racing?

Cole: 4 1/2 years old testing, 5 years old started racing 1/4 midgets.”

Michelle: Your greatest achievement?

Cole: “Winning the Loudon Truck race in 2014.”

Michelle: Your favorite track to race at? 

Cole: “Watkins Glen.”

Michelle: Your least favorite track?   

Cole: “Greenville Pickens in South Carolina.”

Michelle: Your ‘model/idol’ in racing? 

Cole: “Jason Leffler.”

Michelle: Does anyone else in your family race?

Cole: “My Dad and Grandpa.”

Michelle: What team/sponsors are you under? 

Cole: “Team: Haas Racing Development. Sponsor:  Haas Automation.” I would think that being his age and having such a great team and sponsorship is crucial to his future success in the racing industry.

cole richmond 2014

Cole taking the checkered flag in Richmond

Michelle: Ever been in a wreck and were you scared? 

Cole: “No.” We definitely hope that this trend stays with you throughout your career Cole!

Michelle: What’s it like being 16 and racing in the NASCAR Nationwide?

Cole: “I only can race in the Truck Series until I am 18. I really like racing in the truck series against guys I have looked up to for a long time.” I have to agree. This must be such a thrill to know that you are succeeding and overpowering your ‘idols’!

Michelle: How many races a season?

Cole: “The truck series will only allow me to race in 10 races that are all under 1-1/4 mile tracks.” Cole drives the #00 Chevy Silverado in the truck series.

cole middle

Cole, Victory Win Trophy

Michelle: Your thoughts on the Chase point system?

Cole: “Really like it and I think it makes it exciting for the fans and drivers.” After interviewing quite a few professional drivers and staff etc., it still really surprises me how they all love the new Chase format, yet most fans seems to despise it!

Michelle: Your thoughts on the fines doled out last season for fighting? 

Cole: “Its Nascar’s call, it seemed reasonable and at some point Nascar needs to step in.” Wise answer!

Michelle: Your family?

Cole: “Mom – Cindy, Dad – Joe, Older sister – Kate.”

joe custer tony

Dad Joe Custer and Tony Stewart, SHR Racing

Michelle: How is school going? Grade? Favorite subject?

Cole: “Junior in High School. History is my favorite subject.”

Michelle: What message would you give other young drivers just starting out?

Cole: “Get as much experience as possible in any kind of race car.”

cole phoenix

Cole Custer, Victory Lane, Phoenix

Michelle: If you could race one-on-one with ANY racer, past or present, who

would it be and why? 

Cole: “Dale Earnhardt because he raced very hard and not many people race like him anymore.” Seeing Dale left us in 2001, when Cole was only 3 years old, I would say that Cole’s favorite subject of History has opened his eyes in a very mature and impressive manner.

Michelle: Any changes coming up in 2015 you would like to share?

Cole: “I will be running trucks/ARCA/KN this year and have more announcements in a few weeks.” Thank you for the head’s up Cole.

Michelle: Favorite food?

Cole: “Double Double and fries at In and Out Burger.” This seems to be a popular answer…I guess I will have to try one some-day when I am near an In and Out!

Michelle: Favorite music?

Cole: “Country.”

Michelle: Your future in racing? Where would you like to be in say, 5 – 10


Cole: “Racing and winning in the Cup Series.” Cole, at the rate you are going, I believe that you will definitely exceed your plans at an alarmingly fast rate! THANK YOU!


1. Retrieved December 27, 2014.