The Bank of America 500 in Charlotte Saturday night was the pivotal round in the new Chase format. No Chase driver wants to bet their championship chances on Talladega. Some drivers such as Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson have to do just that. From a fan point of view the fireworks got started long before the green flag.  Due to a college football game that ran late, fans missed the Countdown to Green, the opening ceremonies, and the first few laps of the race.  If you were on Twitter then you know the fans were livid.  I have to agree, I was one of those livid fans!  Do I understand broadcast commitments, you bet, but when you’re a network as big as ESPN with nearly a dozen different networks and you didn’t plan for this?  There’s simply no excuse for it.  ESPN/ABC issued statements apologizing and while we as media outlets appreciate those I can assure you fans care less.

That was just of what would be some amazing fireworks for the night and even a little “wrestling” by the checkered flag. By the time fans are able to see the race on television they see Matt Kenseth being sent to the rear for unapproved adjustments with no clear explination.  Rumor has it the team was adding a decal.  Once the green flag dropped it things got busy, Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch showed the way early. Some say Jeff  has found the fountain of youth, if he wins the championship he may find the retirement line.

Dale Jr. saw his Chase hopes take a major hit in the Bank of America 500.  Early in the race Dale Jr. informed the Hendrick Motorsports crew that his shifter had broken.  Keep in mind this happened a little over a month ago in Michigan to Hendrick driver Jimmie Johnson.  I question why it happened again, surely all teams in the company are using the same shifter setup. Junior found himself lucky to get back to the lead lap. He would end the night in the 20th position and now last in the Chase standings.  This makes a Talladega win a must for the 88 team.  While the Hendrick teams will be loosing sleep with Talladega looming Kevin Harvick can sip on his beverage of choice

Most fans have likely forgotten about Kevin Harvick winning the race. The fireworks between Brad Keselowski, Matt Kenseth, and Denny Hamlin stole the show.  Sometimes the pressure of a moment can get the best of anyone.  In the closing laps of the race tight racing between Hamlin and Keselowski spun out of control.  Slight contact between Hamlin, Kenseth and Keselowski boiled over on pit road.  Teams had to be seperated between the haulers as the Dollar General team attacked and begun to fight with Brad Keselowski and company.

Surely an wild night, but the bigger question is, what will Nascar have to say about it in terms of punishments?  If they say anything at all.